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Thursday, February 09, 2012


Musk kI Awn-bwn AOr Swn Muskan
           KwqI hY Xy pwn
      dyKqI HY Lagaan
aOr qum donoM Kw gfw myrI jwn [
     #XoM myry Gr Awfw myhmwn [
                KËm ho ge~ myry Gr kI Swn [
                swry Use Karte HY vwhn-vwhn [
                Come on everyday
                             Just listen to me again.
                             Its not over till yet come on baby
Now lets dance
Can you give me one more chance…
Yes mam, Yes mam
Ok! Now stand, just dance
Are you feeling this Soothing effect…
No I can’t neglect…
So stand up, So stand up…
Give me a cup , Give me a cup
Shut up, Shut up.
So now what to do, what to do
Asking who, asking who
Yo Dude, Yo Dude
Don’t be So rude
Now bend, Now bend…
Ok! Fine it’s the end…
                                                                        Arushi Batra (Class VIII)


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