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Sunday, May 03, 2009

A better way to Student's Life!!!

Student's life is that which make him/ her a best person. Student life is like a pillar on which whole of the building stands, i.e., student's carrier depends. Student's life is based on which students future depends, behind which hopes of parents lie. Every parent always want to provide best education to their children and it starts with the childhood education.

Education is never ending human activity. Students should go to school everyday and they should be disciplined. Student's life is very interesting. Student should be like a warrior and always be ready to accept the challenges. Student's life is like a upstairs and there are challenges at every step. But instead of all this, student keep on moving up and up, by gaining the knowledge which is provided to them by their teachers. Students learns all that things that are taught them by their teachers. Therefore the teachers play an important part in a student's life.

Teachers act as god for the students. Therefore each student has to give full respect to his teacher and pay attention to all that the teacher tells him/ her. The relation between the teachers and the students should be friendly so that the student can share all his/ her problems with the teacher, relating to concept which is not clear to him/ her.

The student should lead a well disciplined life. He should participate in every co-curricular activity. He should not keep bound to his books only but with all the competitions being held which are related to every field.

The behaviour of the student should be very kind to his classmates. He should cooperate with his classmates. The students should be very down to earth. He should not be proud of his achievements, but he should be confident on his achievement but if he is over-confident it will make him proud. The student should not be very boastful.

Nikhil Bansal
8th A
La Foundation School


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